Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger

23, August 2018

She loves fashion and she loves to write, so she writes a fashion blog. Francisca Flores is a fashion blogger from Oporto and Style by Three is where she shares tips and inspiration regarding the latest fashion trends. And of course, she also loves shoes! Overcube wanted to find out more about Francisca, so we’ve asked some questions. Discover more about Francisca Flores and her passion!

Overcube: Who is Francisca Flores?

Francisca Flores: I majored in Business Management, I’m finishing my Master’s Degree in Marketing and I’m passionate about fashion and the world itself.

Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion bloggerOvercube: How and why did you start your blog “Style by Three”?

Francisca Flores: I remember like it was yesterday when Teresinha, Catarina and I had this idea of writing a blog together when we were having dinner with friends. Teresa and I were friends a long time, since high-school, and we always had this passion about fashion, we had always a lot of fun shopping together and we spent hours talking and visiting street style blogs and websites. Catarina and I met at the university and we became best friends when we went to Milan to do Erasmus for 6 months. The city and its atmosphere, the Italian culture.. it all made us both even more passionate about fashion.

In 2013, around Christmas time, we came up with the idea of creating a blog the three of us, together. We had different styles and personalities, so we thought that together we could actually bring something new and different to the Portuguese blog universe. I remember the difficulties we faced in the beginning and we could have never imagined starting a blog would be so chaotic. But despite all of the problems, the good thing was we overcame them together and it’s good to have been able to solve them together. A few months later Catarina received a job proposition to go to Paris and she moved short time after and Teresa and I kept going with our project. Then Teresa, due to professional challenges, had to step away from the blog leaving me to keep with the blog by myself. The years went by and people have to make choices, but we’re still best friends, and in the end, that’s all that matters.Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger summer fashion Overcube: How is your daily routine?

Francisca Flores: 5 years ago I could have never imagined that the blog would grow so much and would have this kind of strength and reach these many people. It is incredible to see our work, dedication and effort rewarded and admired by our readers. 5 years ago my life was definitely less chaotic than today, but, honestly, I don’t think I could go back to a quieter lifestyle anymore. I’m already used to running from one place to another, all the time! Besides the blog, I work 5 days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm and I’m finishing my Master’s degree in Marketing. In order to get everything done and not be late with my blog posts, I have to be really well organized and with a well-defined agenda. It hasn’t been easy to manage all the trips to Lisbon, events, photo shoots and study and work at the same time. As the time goes by, I’m even more eager to write and work on Style by Three and that wouldn’t be possible without the feedback and support from all my readers and all the emails and messages they send me.Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger winter fashionOvercube: What does fashion make you feel? Why did you choose this path?

Francisca Flores: I just simply love being able to express myself and my personality through my clothes. But what’s most gratifying is to feel that I can actually inspire my followers and that all my work and dedication to the blog are rewarded and acknowledged.Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger fashion factsOvercube: What is your favourite pair of shoes that you would wear in any occasion?

Francisca Flores: That’s a tough question! I would probably go for my Gucci loafers. Those are definitely the shoes that most accompany me on a daily basis.Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger shoe brands fashionOvercube: What are your favourite shoe brands?

Francisca Flores: Between my favourite brands are definitely Lemon Jelly, JJ Heitor or Oficina de Lisboa.Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger fashion shoesOvercube: Where do you usually buy your shoes - online or actually in the shop?

Francisca Flores: Definitely online!Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger paris shoesOvercube: What do you value the most when you buy online?

Francisca Flores: How fast and easy it is to see the product’s features without having to wait hours in line to buy them.Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger from OportoOvercube: Do you already know Overcube? What do you think of this platform?

Francisca Flores: It’s an original and innovative platform with a strict selection of the brands and products it represents. It has everything to be a success!Do you know Francisca Flores? Meet the fashion blogger from Oporto

It was a pleasure to Overcube to discover more about Francisca. We are certain Style by Three will continue to inspire! 

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