Perfect Christmas Gifts for Her: Shoes, Jewelry & More

17, December 2018
Giving the perfect Christmas gift ain't that easy. It takes a bit of research (what are the coolest shoes for this season?) and a lot of knowing the taste of the women you love (she’s a business woman, a big-time athlete and others). To make it easier, Overcube has selected the most wonderful gift a girl can have. Get inspired!lemonjelly_boots_christmas If you have no idea what to get her this Christmas, check out this list of the most incredible shoes & accessories brands. We have gifts for every person(ality)! 


Reminder her that she's your everything. 
Pair one of these with a cute card and you're set 💌




Want to find the perfect gift for the most a party animal? Look no further. These boots will totally stand out on the dance floor! Comfortable and with a cool design, there are no boots with more rhythm than these. 

partyPhoto credits: Fly LondonChristmas_Shoes_Overcube



This is for a trendsetter. Maybe the most difficult one. With a very good fashion taste, this kind of personality is always looking for something very (very) different! They like to stand out. If you don't want to go wrong, choose something really stylish like a pair of these super cool Lemon Jelly's.

fashionPhoto credits: Lemon Jelly


llllllllPhoto credits: Lemon Jelly



She is a nature lover! It’s easier than ever to gift someone a piece of sustainable fashion this year. For the woman who loves to camp, hike, and explore, it’s worth to take a look at our eco-friendly like As Portuguesas, Montado & more.


Photo credits: As Portuguesas

bag (1)



They appreciate sophisticated products. A blazer combined with good shoes are always a must have for their wardrobe. Keep scrolling for some classic women style ideas.

jjjjePhoto credits: Portugal Jewels

32702601_1751739684893451_5517933923293724672_nPhoto credits: Portugal Jewels




The business woman in your life will need some new shoes & accessories that reflects an executive vibe. She work really hard! Choose well the best Christmas gift for her.overthecube Photo credits: Catarina Almeida (@katawii) in partnership with Overcube.

overthecube_46378398_325105084755518_8392246406009931685_n (1)



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