The White Trainers chosen by Style Traces You'll Want to Have

7, September 2018

At Overcube we treasure what's unique and original and that's why we've collaborated with the author of the fashion blog Style Traces, Joana. The Portuguese blogger lives in Dublin and shares tips on fashion and lifestyle, always with incredible photos and fantastic articles. Today we share her article on the white trainers she chose from Softinos, one of our brands. From the streets of Dublin to the world, take a look at what Joana has to say (on this and all other matters - it's worth it!). Joana, thank you so much and we wish you the best for your blog, Style Traces

White Trainers by Style traces1White Trainers by Style traces2

The blogger Style Traces has an original way to greet the week with her new Softinos' shoes

After ending her Porto Summer Diaries (you can read about it in her blog), she went back to Dublin streets and the crazy weather, when in only one day you have sun, freezing wind, heavy rain, drizzle and sun again! She took the streets and embellished them with her new pair of white trainers,  which are a top choice from Summer to Winter!

Is it an all-season pair for you too?White Trainers by Style traces3White Trainers by Style traces4White Trainers by Style traces5

Although being stuck between the trainers and a pair of heeled sandals, the winners were the white trainers, which, as the blogger says, are pretty, cool and comfortable! 

You can find this and many other designs at Overcube and now even more exciting models since the new season collection is already live! White Trainers by Style traces6One of the best things about using white trainers is that you're free to choose whatever look and combinations you feel like it. And that's exactly what Style Traces did for this blog post. Her outfit choice started with the shoes and they took her to a whole other bold and daring level, having mixed audacious colours and patterns! And what do you think? She nailed it, right?  


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White Trainers by Style traces11

White Trainers by Style traces12Photo credits: Style Traces

The blogger is leaving her soft footprints all over the streets of Dublin, and with it, she is leaving Overcube's mark. And what a wonderful way to have done that! 

Read the original blog post here

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